Free Condoms

Free condoms are available to be mailed directly, and discreetly, to the home or desired address of any person 16 or older living in the state of Ohio. For updates on the Free Condom Project, please follow us on Facebook.

  • Submissions are limited 1 order per person per 30 days.
  • Please come back and try again when the form has re-opened in a week if you are unable to order.

Limitations apply to this program

  • Any condom order submission from outside of the state of Ohio will NOT be mailed.
  • One order per address can be placed every 30 days.
  • Condoms will only be sent to people over the age of consent (16 years old).
  • Condoms will only be sent to individuals and not organizations.
Our free condoms come in a non-descript manilla envelope and delivered through UPS. The name and address you provide will be displayed on the label.

What is in a condom package?

Availibility May Vary

Limited Regular: 6 Regular Latex Condoms, 2 Extra Large Condoms, 2 Latex-Free Condoms, and 2 Lube Packets

Specialty: 5 Regular Latex Condoms, 2 Internal Condoms, 4 Latex-Free Condoms, 5 Flavored Condoms, 5 Dental Dams, 2 Lube Packets. *Limited quantity available*

Free Condom Form

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